Here’s What the mRNA Jab Does To the Body | Dr. Christina Parks, PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology


VIDEO SOURCE: America's Frontline Doctors | White Coat Summit website.

Dr. Christina Parks, who has a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology, talks about the dangers of mRNA technology used for the COVID-19 jab, including damaging the immune system. (SEE THE TRANSCRIPT BELOW) She was one of approximately 20 speakers at the “White Coat Summit” hosted by America's Frontline Doctors on July, 27 2023. To watch the videos of the rest of the brilliant and brave speakers, including Dr. Robert Malone whose talk Dr. Parks mentions, visit the White Coat Summit website.

Note that Dr. Parks previously testified in the state of Michigan in support of HB4471, a bill that banned employers from requiring the COVID-19 vaccines in the workplace. You can watch her expert testimony HERE.


Thank you. Well, I think Dr. Malone did an excellent job of setting me up. Basically, the concern is that they are really looking to push this technology [genetic vaccines like the COVID-19 jab]. They are set to try to make a fortune off of it, and to that end, they neither are concerned that it's not safe or effective, and they want to shut down all information that might suggest so.

What I'm going to do today is focus on the science, and you may hear me repeat some of the things that Dr. Malone has already said, but I think that it's complex enough that that's not going to hurt anybody. So, if I can have the first slide, I want to really talk about the dangers of this technology.

I'm supposed to be clicking it? OK, alright. Perfect.

So, how is this different from a traditional vaccine? In a traditional vaccine, a small amount of the viral protein or antigen, or sometimes only just a portion of it, is injected. It's never inside the cell; it's in the fluid between your cells. Sometimes, it gets into the bloodstream. Your immune system recognizes and makes antibodies. I'm going into the whole process beyond that.

Gene therapy is very different because, as Dr. Malone said, it turns your body into a manufacturing plant for the antigen. And in this case, it’s the full-length spike protein, which is toxic and is the cause of the deleterious effects of COVID. So, why would we want to turn our bodies into a manufacturing plant for a toxic foreign viral protein? It makes no sense.

So, when I learned that they were going to use these gene therapy vaccines, I was extremely concerned. I, like Dr. Malone, understood that this was a cell-free system that they'd bring to market very quickly, but I thought the potential harm had not been worked out and were substantial. And the ethical concerns of… they can basically make your body make anything that they want it to make.

And so, you're even trusting them that the genetic information that they're giving you is what they say they’re giving you. And even if it's what they intended, there could be a defect in manufacturing, and you could either get a mutation in that gene or you could get something altogether different through some sort of recombinatory event.

Concerns With Gene Transfer Technology Being Used for Vaccines

So the concerns with gene therapy technology. First, here are the goals of gene therapy:

  • To get the target genetic material into as many cells of interest as possible. This is not necessary for a vaccination scenario. You only need a little bit.
  • In gene therapy, you want the mRNA for the gene to be expressed as long as possible.

The reason I'm telling you this is because all of the technology is geared toward these ends: toward getting it into as many cells and getting it expressed as long as possible. And that's why they use that pseudouridine instead of regular mRNA, which is degraded much quicker, and to have as much of the target protein made as possible.

Now, if you were replacing a defective gene, those would be seen as good things. However, when you're talking about making a toxic, viral, foreign protein that causes all of these problems, that's a problem. Alright, so I'll just read here.

The most important thing to consider when using gene therapy as a vaccine is that the cells are being instructed to make a foreign viral protein rather than a human protein. Thus, it should be expected that the immune system will target this foreign protein and the cells of your body that are producing it for destruction.

Alright, I want to back up just a step, because I'm going to go on that point more.
But the lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), Dr. Malone talked about this, that was my first thought when they said they were using gene therapy. There are two platforms: the adenoviral vector and the nanoparticles. Both are highly inflammatory. I believe with the adenoviral vector, a young man actually died.

Concerns with the Lipid Nanoparticles in mRNA Vaccines

Now some of these technologies are being used where they take cells out of the body, do some gene therapy on them, and put them back in. That's very different. And because these, once they're in the body, are highly inflammatory.

The other thing I want to say is there's some technology being used for something like cancer. It's very different to take someone who has no quality of life because of a genetic defect, or has cancer, or is very elderly, and using a very controversial technology in them. But when you're talking about using this in healthy individuals, the cost-benefit, there is almost all cost and no benefit.

And these nanoparticles are extremely inflammatory. Pfizer's own distribution data show they're fat-like particles, and they're synthetic. So they dysregulate the lipid or fat signaling in the body and they accumulate in the fatty areas of your body. That's your ovaries.

So, we're sending material that's going to make a toxic viral protein that's highly inflammatory to your children's ovaries. It gets in the bone marrow, where you can get insertional mutagenesis. It gets in your adrenal glands, which modulate your whole hormonal axis.

And so, if you're freaking out because your adrenal glands are screwed up because they've got this material in them. And of course, the heart itself is surrounded by fat and we're seeing myocarditis many times within days or hours after injection.

They can disrupt the blood-brain barrier integrity. They can mimic our body's own natural lipids, specifically phosphatidylserine, causing the cells to fuse. If these mimic that, your heart cells and other cells might try to fuse instead of doing whatever they're supposed to be doing. Alright?

And so, your cell membrane – think of the old switchboard. It's like the world's largest, most complicated switchboard in terms of cellular signaling. You're taking a bunch of synthetic, man-made lipids and integrating those into the cell membrane. Should we be surprised when the body's signaling is completely screwed up and disrupted?

And then Dr. Malone also talked about the problems with the synthetic mRNA.

Concerns with Synthetic mRNA

This is man-made. It's made to be more efficient at making the protein than your normal mRNA. It doesn't get broken down. We don't know how long it continues to make this viral protein, but at this point, it looks like in some cases it could be indefinitely.

And then, your body reacts to this mRNA and it’s also going to react to these nano-lipid particles. In order to tamp down that immune response that has been so problematic throughout the lifetime of this technology, what they did is they engineered it to kind of turn off some of your toll-like receptors, to turn them down, to dysregulate them so that they wouldn't have a hyper-inflamatory response.

Well, they're not just turning them down to this technology; they're turning them down to everything. So the technology itself becomes immunosuppressive, meaning it screws up your immune system in a way where you are not going to respond properly to a pathogen or an immune challenge.

Understanding the J&J and Astrazeneca Vaccines

The J&J, I just want to mention these briefly. I'm not going through all of this in the interest of time. Dr. Malone is an expert on this, and I don't claim to be.

But my understanding is that this DNA technology is kind of a cassette system where they can put in multiple genes and multiple regulatory elements. So they could say you could use multiple vaccinations and multiple antigens, and they can regulate them all differently. What does that look like ethically?

Maybe they're putting in this, that you know they're putting in, maybe putting something else that's regulated and then when you eat cheese it's turned on, and now you're expressing a protein you didn't even know was in you.

Ethically, I have a huge problem with them putting in genetic information that they can then regulate through hormonal or other means – things they spray in the air, things they put in the food supply. Very problematic for me. OK, I'm gonna move on from that.

Now this gets to my central point that this technology turns your cells into manufacturing plants for whatever they decide to put in there. In this case, the spike protein.

Spike Protein Production in Lymph Cells

And so here we see cells, I believe these are from lymph tissue, making mRNA, and it was made out all the way until 60 days when they ended the experiment. And then right behind that, we see protein production. So at least 60 days. And some people have said that they have seen spike protein being produced in the non-classical monocytes up to six months, possibly up to two years in some of the vaccine injured.

Now, this is going to be extremely variable depending on what you got, how this is working in your cells. There are so many complex variations, and that's the point, isn't it? Nobody sort of standardized this process. Some people's body may be degraded or maybe it was degraded before it got infected to you, we don't really know.

And this is Dr. Ryan Cole's work where he stained for the spike protein, and what he saw, what you're seeing here, and these are many different tissues including heart tissue, brain tissue, and the coronary artery, is that these small focal points are where the cells are producing the spike protein.

So if you are producing a foreign protein, what is your body going to do? It's going to send immune cells to destroy those cells that are making the spike protein. And that is exactly what we are seeing.

We are seeing immune infiltration. And when those immune cells infiltrate anything, what happens when you get some sort of infection? It swells. So you get swelling, you get immune infiltration, you get inflammation.

And beyond that, what happens is your immune cells, in eating the spike protein, start to eat through your very tissues.

Myocarditis After SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination

And so here's what we're seeing, in this case, these brown spots are the immune cells. And you can see in this bottom right one, it's focal. So when the cells are producing the spike protein, that's where you see it. It's not every single cell, but where you see it, that's what you see.

These cells can basically eat through your tissues. And so in the case of, we're seeing aortic dissections, if you have your blood vessels producing the spike protein and you're destroying infected cells, you end up with a perforation in that tissue or a weak spot in that tissue, especially when talking about an artery that is under a considerable amount of stress.

Now again, if this is in your ovaries, you're getting immune infiltration and inflammation in your ovaries.

Alright, so I want to talk about Kevin McKernan's work where he identified that there is plasmid contamination or adulteration.

Genetic Material in mRNA Vaccines

The very first clinical trials were done with synthetic mRNA produced in a lab. But then when they ramped up, they're like we need a lot more template. What was the template? It's something called a plasmid, something that is the backbone of DNA recombinant technology because it's used to kind of cut and paste in a puzzle-like way whatever you want to put together.

So they put the spike protein in this plasmid, they grew up in a lot of bacteria, they theoretically purified it, and then they used it to make the mRNA. And they were supposed to purify the mRNA, and then put it in the nano-lipid particles, and then put in your body.

Either they didn't, or they didn't try very hard because there's a ton of this plasmid DNA. Since they didn't clean it out, there's likely a lot of bacterial cell membrane as well.

If you're a doctor, you know the bacterial cell membrane is highly, highly inflammatory. In terms of vaccinology, it's one of the top causes of anaphylaxis and inflammation, leading to a kind of anaphylactic shock-like condition that causes people to die right after vaccination if it's contaminated. And so that may be some of the anaphylaxis that we've seen. However, this DNA basically can get back into bacteria.

So, I want to show you when he sequenced it, this is a plasmid (there's no controversy about this):

Pfizer's Plasmid

This is what Pfizer used. And what it has in it, it has a promoter region from a monkey virus, simian virus 40 promoter region, that actually localizes it to the nucleus of mamalian cells. So, this contaminating DNA is now going to be localized. Maybe it gets in your gut, because all bacteria are going to take it up when they see this. Bacteria are going to take it up, they're going to divide, they're going to spread. You're going to spread it to your unvaccinated neighbors, friends, relatives.

So this is an unintentional potential infectious agent that codes for the spike protein that could infect your nasopharynx and your gut and target the spike protein to the nucleus of your cells.

Is this being done? We don't know, but did anybody test for it? And we know that this can happen because there was a lab working with a plasmid that had the capsid protein in it, and they kept testing positive for COVID. They found out that their bacteria had taken up the plasmid.

So, many of the vaccinated have gotten a lot of this plasmid, some of it whole, some of it broken, some of it being able to target into their nucleus. So this is an adulteration and contamination that should not be in there, and it's a very intrinsic problem to this kind of technology that has not been addressed.

Beyond this, these plasmids are what are used to pop genes in and out of things. So when you have this in your gut, and you have another kind of infection or it's in your (???) – wherever it is, on your skin, you can get recombination. That's what genetic material does; it recombines.

If there's another kind of viral infection, this can actually be packaged into bacterial viruses called bacteriophages, or it can recombine and become part of another virus. Could part of the spike protein now become part of another cold virus? So now we've got some active spike protein in the cold is going around.

Nobody has addressed these in the rush to just, you know, it looks like good technology. You know, basically, we're playing God. We are playing God, and the only reason why we get away with it is the grace of God.

Likely Consequences of Plasmid Contamination of Pfizer Vaccine

Alright, so likely consequences of plasmid contamination of the Pfizer vaccine:

  • Contaminating bacterial endotoxins, if they didn't purify it enough, may cause anaphylaxis, severe inflammation, and other vaccine injuries.
  • This pseudoridine and this plasma DNA can hybridize and make these weird DNA-RNA hybrids that are going to screw up your immune system and cause all sorts of dysregulated immune system functioning.
  • You know, as an aside, women go into labor because enough of the fetal DNA has gotten into their circulation, and it binds to these different receptors and signals the body to go into labor. So we have receptors to identify the genetic material in our body, whether it's our own, our child, or bacterial or fungal. So our body's responsive to this. To think that we can inject all this crap into our bodies without consequence is extremely arrogant. Right?
  • And again, they found that the plasmids are being encased in these lipid particles, and so they're going all over into our bodies. And again, they can be targeted to the nucleus of different cells, and they can be incorporated into little bacteriophage particles. So the question becomes, have we created a synthetic infectious agent that's going to infect the vaccinated and the unvaccinated alike?

Chronic Immune Activation

So again, I wanted to focus on the dangers inherent to the technology. But I want to talk about an overall paradigm for injury that we are seeing. Because the spike protein is so injurious and it's so highly inflammatory.

The spike protein was used because it causes immune activation. Now, your body's making it chronically, so you have chronic immune activation. When you have that, your T-cells, your T-cells have two jobs:

  • find infected cells like those infected by viruses or pathogens and destroy them
  • find cancer cells and destroy them.

When your body's under a state of chronic immune activation, it's like, “hey, we can't keep destroying ourselves, we can't keep hacking our tissues.” So like, you know what T-cells, you need to stand down, or you're going to destroy the whole body. So the T-cells go into something called T-cell exhaustion or T-cell anergy, where they stop working.

What happens when they stop working? You get sick with whatever is coming around. It doesn’t matter what it is. And you stop destroying any cancer cells in your body. Most people don't know when they're diagnosed with cancer, that's been growing maybe 5, maybe 10 years. What kept it in check? Your immune system. When does it flourish? When your immune system is compromised. We have just turned off our T-cells, and we've dis-regulated our immune receptors in every possible way. And now we're wondering why cancer is flourishing.

If you keep stimulating the immune system past the point of T-cell exhaustion (the T-cells have given up the game), they actually start acting really wonky, and they interact with your B-cells to make antibodies. And they do it in a way that is not correct, and it results in auto antibodies against yourself. Alright? This is sort of a switch that is flipped, and it causes aberrant auto-antibody production. There can be genetic predispositions to this, but there's a good deal of scientific literature showing this process.

So when we see an immune deficiency, cancer, and autoimmunity altogether, there's a very good reason. And so, this is what chronic immune activation looks like, and why we cannot allow technologies that, whether it's continually vaccinating our children again and again or making a protein that is stimulating chronic immune activation. We cannot allow that to happen. Alright?

And here's an example:

A Rise In Cancer

In this is just one case study, although we are seeing a huge increase in cancers. This gentleman, on the 8th of September, and you see all these, most of these dark bodies, not his brain, you know, especially in the shoulder and armpit areas, are these small cancerous growths. And so he was like going to be scheduled for chemotherapy. He got his booster a few weeks later, on the 22nd of September. And eight days later, he went back, and you can see the cancer has just exploded in a way that's hard to even believe happened.

So we are seeing the rise of these turbo cancers. Again, your immune system keeps cancer in check. So, do we want to continue to play God and dysregulate the immune system at every level?

And when we know that those who those who are just trying to support the immune system are being attacked by this government because there's only one answer [that is allowed]. All these supplements, things like zinc and vitamin D and turmeric aren't being allowed. The only thing that's being allowed is what's going to make them money.

Thank you

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